Meet the Petries

Hi and welcome to the Real Life Church Blog! We are so excited that you are here and can’t wait to see how God is going to use Real Life Church.


We are Sean and Diane Petrie, lead pastors at Real Life. Our little family includes our adopted daughter Julia, her husband Mike, and our new baby Jack. We have a lab mix, Stella, who thinks she runs the show but actually has no hope of ever controlling the Cat..

We have called Belton/Raymore home since 2008 when we moved here to be closer to our church but Kansas City has always been our home. We grew up in Raytown, going to Chiefs and Royals games, eating great barbecue, spending weekends at the Lake of the Ozarks and holidays watching the Plaza illuminate.

As a couple, we met in High School, dated in college and married after graduation in 2007. We started working as youth pastors and ministering to teens right after our wedding (literally the day after we got home from our honeymoon). We have been faithfully serving the teens in our community since June 2007.

We have seen God multiply our efforts in reaching and discipling teens with 1000’s ministered to, hundreds saved, and dozens leaving after graduation and serving God where he has planted them. It was truly our honor and joy to serve where God planted us and we will always have a special love for young people and the energy and excitement they bring. 

A few years ago, God began to put a different call and desire in our hearts—to plant a church that reaches people who might never darken the door of a traditional church. He started to show us a church that gives life to the community and a church that open handedly serves those in and around it. This fall, we have decided to take the leap, trusting what God has put into our hearts. We want to partner with what God is already doing in the lives of the people of Belton and Raymore and together live out our passion and purpose following Jesus.

We are honored that God has called us to start a new, life-giving church in our community here in North Cass County

Coming this Fall, we are bringing this dream to fruition and planting Real Life Church in Raymore. Real Life Church exists to see people far from God discover real life and purpose in Jesus.

Will you partner with us as we serve North Cass County?


    1. Hi! Thanks for your question! We came from a Baptist background and Sean completed a 4 year degree in Missions from a conservative school. Our theology guides our desire to be a Jesus Church and practically live out everything he called his disciples to live in the Bible. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to email and we’d love to connect about more specific questions!


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